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"Password Lost Track Back" activated

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default "Password Lost Track Back" activated

Post by Admin on Thu May 03, 2007 2:40 am

Dear members: :D

The "Password lost tracking recover" has been activated. You can now reclaim your password! Please type your name and your e-mail address. Thanks! :!:

Jika anda telah lupa kata laluan anda atau telah hilang, satu sistem untuk mengambil kata laluan anda kembali telah diaktifkan--> anda boleh taip nama anda dan e-mail anda supaya kata laluan anda dapat dihantar ke e-mail anda.

This is to all members who already register but already forget their password, you cannow claim it back!

Untuk pergi ke sana / To go there-->
Go to Log In --> Forget your password? dan taip username anda. Adakala anda diminta taip E-mail anda.

The system sometimes needs your e-mail address, or else you only type your username only.

Example: username--->house88kend or email----> abc@.......

Thank You / Terima Kasih

The KJVC Forum Admin Group.
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~Lord Von Admin~

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