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UCSI Animals Day!!!

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default UCSI Animals Day!!!

Post by house88kend on Mon Jul 14, 2008 4:23 am

Aloha animal lovers!! Animals Day is coming!!

There would be sales on that day, and The Hive would be preforming as well

List of Items for Sale
1. Anime Club : Cat Ears
2. Pet's Club : Bakery Sales
3. Cloth Zone : Clothes
4. SSLA : Accessories

Invite friends who has pets to bring their darling pets along~!

New clothes from Cloth Zone to be sold @ a discounted rate.

The Independent Pet Rescuers would bring a few puppies/ kittens and it would be good if we could bring our pets as well.

There is nothing much to be done. Just ask them to come along & support, buy things. And ask if anyone has anything to put on sale too~!

We need your support~People!!

For more information, visit their blog!! ^^ LOL
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